Marissa Elene Nadieja is a musical artist and among artists in a world where anesthetics are the essence of their life and longings. Svefreyja is primarily a progressive artist, but her music is not bound by a particular genre. As a serious music student, she studied Bel Canto singing from the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia for ten years and four years from other teachers. Svefreyja had the privilege of studying music at a very young age, as her mother was a piano instructor by profession. Svefreyja went on to study guitar, voice and piano but she was mostly a self-taught composer and arranger. She also plays congas, bamboo flutes and various keyboard instruments. Though her studies were mostly in the area of voice and Opera, she wanted to pursue her original musical aspirations. She studied classical guitar for a few years, composition for three years from West Minster Choir College in Princeton New Jersey, and found herself trying to teach herself how to write music. Being an innovator and creative person has driven Svefreyja to become an extremely diligent in her efforts with music. Marissa has performed in many concert settings. Her first paying performance was at age thirteen, where her guitar teacher hired her to sing at her sister's wedding. Svefreyja has always been interested in visual art. As a child and teenager was thinking of becoming an illustrator or an environmental scientist, but music seemed to be at the forefront of her mind. At the moment, she is concentrating on becoming an engineer where she can produce her own music in her home studio in New York City. Svefreyja was born in Princeton New Jersey and grew up in New Jersey and Bucks County Pennsylvania, right outside of New Hope in the Philadelphia area. Both of her parents are natives of New York City, taking her to many cultural events from a very early age. She now resides in Staten Island New York, New York City in the United States. Her love for art and beauty goes on and on.