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Do you believe in God?

Yes, but sometimes I doubt that God exists. I really gear on the side of
God. I was brought up Unitarian and I did go to a Temple for a bit. I also
was a practicing Christian for numbers of years. I spent a lot of time in
the church. I also had missionaries as my best friends at times. I learned
a lot from this. I do not attend church now. I do not actually connect to any particular faith.

Posted by: Marissa Date: 12/04/2017

How do feel about racism or bigotry?

I try not to evaluate people based on their skin color. I try not to
evaluate people at all. I do not judge people by their religious beliefs. I
see people as individuals. I think it is wrong to marginalize people based
on skin color, race, ethnic background etc..

Posted by: Marissa Date: 12/04/2017

I am here for one reason and that is to uplift people.

I am extremely supportive of many unknown, lesser known or famous
musicians. I have my taste and I am here to uplift people online. I do not
get involved with online hate, slander, gossip, defamation. I do not have
time. I try to only say positive things online about talented people, and I
try not to vote people down.

Posted by: Marissa Date: 12/04/2017

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